Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Az & Avi opening the NITRO Notebooks etc.

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Papa Opening the Nano iPod & FM transmitter

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Gifts from Gramma "E"

Thanks Gramma "E"! The Rock 'em Sock 'em and the Old Lady who swallowed a fly set were huge hits!

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Taking a short break...

NO...I really do mean short! I'm in the middle of posting massive Christmas photos here but I got baby Libby to sleep so I'm going to take this opportunity to shower. I promise to post MORE by the end of this day; so many it'll make your head spin!

Oh, and by the way...


Silliness Abounds...even on Christmas Morn...maybe ESPECIALLY SO!


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Our Present Madness!




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Liberty and her new soft and silky COZY (what we call special blankies here) from Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler.

More CHRISTmas Pics

Even Condi got a stocking full of big bones and doggie toys. She has now been with us for a whole year. We rescued her from a shelter/rescue the week of Christmas last year when she was 9 months old. She has grown a wee bit since then and is a special member of our home. She's just awesome with the baby and the kids.



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More Christmas Goodness

OK...so it's picture posting time...lots and lots of them.




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Liberty Mobility on Christmas Eve




Whilst the other children were fast asleep with sugar plums dancing in their heads (or some such thing?), Little Liberty refused to go to sleep. This, of course, had much to do with the night's outing to look at Christmas lights and visit Mark's workmate, Pete. Liberty fell asleep on the ride and being as it was after 5pm I knew we'd have trouble getting her to sleep at night! So, she stayed up and was our little elf...eating bows off packages and pulling them down as quickly as we were putting them up under the tree. Fortunately, not long after these pictures were taken she too was fast asleep in her bed! We followed.
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Liberty the Night Before Christmas



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Christmas with the Borgs


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Special "Phone Guy" Report

Well, it’s Christmas time again and here’s the phoneguy report. We are all recovering from the latest crud so hopefully we will all be feeling great on the big morning. Last year Sissy was sick and she was pretty slow in the paper ripping and toy flinging. I am looking forward to the present chaos in a couple of days.

Kim’s received a camera for Christmas that is, I am sure, far smarter than any of us. I just figured out how to get the pics and movies (with sound!) off it. Pretty easy. It holds 1,100 pictures… Crazy. You will all enjoy the new camera since there will be lots of new kid pics and stuff to look at here.

Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. Wow. We decided a while back that there had been a house move each year in one form or another since we got married. Today, we love the new house and I personally have no great desire to move in the next 11 months… Maybe we will stay here for three or four Christmas mornings. Actually, depending on the job and the economy, it might a lot longer than that.

Anyways, back to the anniversary, we are doing better that I ever thought possible. Kim and I are working as a team, in sickness (lots lately) and health, richer or poorer (less seems to be more), and I firmly believe that we are here for the long haul. Kim is such an excellent wife and mother and I am learning this whole Papa thing on a day by day basis. The kids are happy and I am blessed to be here with them.

The job is doing well, the new company seems fine, and the work keeps rolling in. The saleslady made a big sale last week, the local library system, which will keep me busy for a couple of months. My coworker, Pete, is still battling with cancer so I am running the office alone with a little help from other offices. Since it’s the holidays things are slow but once January rolls in I will be getting the overtime needed to pay off Christmas…

I’ve been doing some reading on the origins of America and our Constitution. And the government today. Wow. An enlightening read is to read the Declaration and then compare the charges against King George to how we are treated today. Interesting. You can find all our founding documents at www.whitehouse.gov.

Speaking of politics, Dad will be arriving in January for a few weeks. During his visit I am taking a week off so we will all be making the rounds of the In-laws and outlaws. There will be snow and ocean and cousins and Grandparents and road whining… Joy and more joy! I am sure the oil companies will lower the price of gas just for us too. ;-)

We got a couple of loads of wood so we can use the fireplace in the dining room. It works great since it has a forced air unit that blows heat into the room. The kids worked very hard last night to help the old guy pile up the wood so it only took up part of the shed. They’re my Woodchucks!

Kim thinks we will have some snow in the next day or two but I have my doubts. She is such an optimist. I love that.

Well, to those of you in parts unknown, I wish you the very best Christmas day. This is way more than presents and trees, it’s the heart of the salvation provided to us by God Himself. Jesus is not the cute baby today, He’s the victorious one who purchased our salvation with His very blood. Try to think on that today as we go through this holiday. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Better nighttime pictures would be nice!

Mark did an incredible job of lighting up the yard/house! These pics are blurry and DON'T even begin to show how cute it is. PLUS there's LOTS more lights in the backyard that aren't in these pictures but when you are driving by you get quite a nice eyeful of lights...



Oh, remind me to tell you the story of our colored lights. I'll try to do that this weekend. It's quite hilarious. I'm a white light person...Mark's a colored light person...BUT only red and green with the white! Ahhh...wait till you hear the story of miscommunication etc.
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Baby it's cold outside...




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