Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let them eat CAKE!

Avigail & Liberty waiting patiently for their cake!

Esther clapping.

I think she's excited about cake.

Oh YEAH! Tasty!
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Esther's First Birthday Party

We had a party for Esther today at Grandma "E"s place. I made a yummy cake with chocolate ganache in the middle and delicious buttercream frosting everywhere else. I've gone grain free so I couldn't eat any cake...but frosting is grain free, so it was fair game. YUM YUM YUM!

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Papa & Az

Mark and Azriel watching the girls on the little whale ride.
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I got pics of Avi, Libby, & Esther but only ONE of Az. I happened to be hanging out with the baby while we were at the carnival and poor Az was too big this year to go on the kiddie rides. So, I got kiddie ride pics with the 2 that can still ride them. Next year it will be only Libby and Esther in these pics!

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Sunday, March 27th!

Davis Carnival came to town. It's become a tradition of ours to do a carnival or two each year and save the big fair for exhibits only.

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The Carnival

Avi and Libby on a ride.

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Esther Turned ONE!

We had a little party on Sunday the 27th (March) to celebrate Esther's 1st Birthday but on the 23rd, which was her REAL Birthday we had a little cupcake. Yum Yum.
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