Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Liberty & Esther

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First Bath

Cute Toes.
After the Bath.

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Esther & First Bath

Random Esther cuteness.

Her first ever full bath!
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Esther's first shampoo

Grandma Trudy did the honors & washed some of the vernix out of Esther's hair!

After her first hair washing adventure!
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Esther and her two oldest sibs

Azriel and Avigail loving on their new baby sister.
Esther at one day old.

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Esther Grace

Newborn Photos. She's less than an hour old here.
Big brother holding her for the first time.
One day old. Isn't she just the cutest thing?
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Mama & Baby

JUST out of the tub. Ahhhh...what a relief to be in my own bed!
My big boy posing with Esther and Me!
Mama & Baby resting just after the birth.
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Esther Birth Pics

Big sister, Liberty, looking at her new baby sister and her Mama!

Proud Papa and his girls. He and Az are REALLY outnumbered now! :-)
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The Birth of Esther Grace

The Birth Tub and Our Room Set Up for the Birth! Mark had to move out quite a bit of furniture to make this all happen. It was the perfect place for the birth though!
Baby Esther right after I pulled her up out of the water! Her first cries.
Baby and Mama just after the birth. We actually didn't name Esther until the next day. There were many possibilities...Tovia, Eliora, Esther, Mira, & a few others. This was a difficult baby to name but we all think Esther fits her perfectly!
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