Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Cuteness from this past week!

My girls in the tub together.
Jack, watching the girls in the tub from a safe vantage point!

The kids being SILLY before bedtime. I think they were SUGARED up because they were WILD. I let them have a fresh baked pumpkin cinnamon roll not too long before bedtime. BIG MISTAKE on my part! :-)

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Az & Avi's Gingerbread House

I let the kids do the gingerbread house this year with almost NO help at all from me, except putting it together and doing th trim on the rooftop. They did everything else and had such a blast! Liberty sat at the table as they were creating, eating gross candy that came with the kit. She had fun too but I suffered her over sugaring up later!

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Homeschool Talent Show!

Yesterday was the annual talent show for our homeschool co-op! Avigail was in it with the preschool class. We sang Jesus Loves Me in English, Spanish, and Sign Language. The children did really well, much to my surprise! I guess the little ones really WERE paying attention in class. I thought Avi might be the only one singing and signing but they all made a great effort to do well in front of the crowd.

Azriel went up with his Spanish 1 class and they did the cutest, SILLIEST songs with motions. He did wonderfully! It was a most enjoyable act to sit through. It brought lots of laughter to the audience!

I wish I'd been able to get better pictures.
We were way in the back of the crowded room and it was very dimly lit so I had a problem with focus, not having practiced enough (or read enough of my manual) with my camera!

It ended up being a LOT of fun for all. We were there for about 2 and a half hours of performances and all the children/teens were fun to watch. A lot of brave and talented souls!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree

The Borgeson children being strange in front of the tree! We put it up last night and today the kids and I put all the glass ornaments on. We only broke about 7 total. A couple of which were rather special in my view! Oh well. If I am going to insist on putting up glass ornaments with children in the house I guess I can expect several to die each year! They had fun though and so did I!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving is past...

Well, I'm back with another post. Long time, I know! No pictures this morning but I'll get to that later. Seems I haven't been wielding the camera as often as I used to or as often as I should! I have ZERO Thanksgiving photos. However, I DO have a list the kids made of what they're thankful for. I'll share those with you! Oh, and I didn't help them come up with the things they're thankful for!

Azriel's list:
That the Pilgrims came to America
George Washington
Our World
Our Home
Our Family
Our Beds

Avigail's List:
Our Pets
My Stuffed Animals
Our Aquarium
Cozy Blankets
Mommy and Daddy
My Toys
Spankings (no joking!)
My Brother & Sister
My Grandparents

Mark and I had lists too, but they're not nearly as entertaining!

For Thanksgiving we had Mark's mom over as well as his work mate, Pete. I made a brined turkey, stuffing (which didn't turn out so well), mashed potatoes & gravy, Butternut Squash puree, Green Beans, Party Salad, delicious rolls, and I don't know what else. Well, there were pies! I made an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and a pecan pie. I can now say that every last piece is finally gone. I think Mark wants me to make another pecan pie and Pete wanted another apple pie so there might be pie crust in my near future! Maybe I'll make that today!

It's hard to believe that the month of November is already gone. I'm now 39, having celebrated my birthday on the 5th. We are now done with birthdays until the new baby comes in March. Then, of course, we have Liberty's birthday in May.

Speaking of Liberty, she's finally starting to talk. She's also starting to really blossom into her personality and test her boundaries. This is both fun and exasperating!

Azriel and Avigail are doing very well and are starting to get the hang of sounding out words. I think full on reading is not too far in their future! They are both bright and delightful children and their creativity knows no bounds. I think they're very artistic!

The kids and I began Christmas decorating yesterday. That was fun and there's so much more to do! Liberty is fascinated by the lights of Christmas and is thrilled whenever she sees them!

Mark took down one of the dead birch trees in the front yard this past weekend. Saturday we had an outside clean up and work day. I cleaned out the flower and garden beds and mowed. Mark cut down trees and his mother came over and raked 8 bags of leaves out of the back yard! WOW! The front looked so nice and now it's covered in branches. Fortunately the wood is nice and dry and beautiful and I think it will burn in our fireplace for a couple years. It's nice to not have to buy more wood. Mark did an incredible job of getting up there and safely cutting branches. Nothing got destroyed and he managed not to fall or get injured. I love that he can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to doing!

I can't wait to decorate the outside of the house with lights! That will have to wait for Saturday though! Mark is starting his second job today. This will be hard on all of us but it's necessary at this time. We're doing the Dave Ramsey plan. I'm following a cash budget and we're going to get our debts all paid off. We figure it will take about 2 years (on the high side) but hoping for less! The nice thing about this extra job he's taking on is that it's flexible. It won't interfere with his REAL job or any overtime he gets from that! And if we find it's far too taxing on him or on the family we can cut back some. It will be a learning & adjustment process but I think we'll all do fine. We have goals and we are motivated to make them happen so as long as it's a team effort I see us as being successful in this new, yet difficult, chapter of our lives. The bright side is that when it's DONE, it's DONE. We'll never go there again! We have learned our lesson the hard way and I think that sometimes that is the best way if you don't want to repeat your mistakes!

On to more Christmassy subjects...
We are going to go to my parent's home for Christmas this year. We are all so excited about that. The kids have already packed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's on more than one occasion. They were ready to go yesterday! We haven't been there for Christmas since they were babies. They'll get to have lots of fun with the cousins! I think it's been a while, too, since Mom and Dad have had little ones spending Christmas eve/morning at their house so I think it will be just as enjoyable for them! Though I'm not sure Grandpa Ron will enjoy the EARLY Christmas morning that comes with having little ones in the house! With enough coffee though, he'll muddle through! :-)

Well, I've rambled quite enough for now. Liberty is walking in here and I should go! I'll get on posting some recent pictures later today or this week!

Blessings to you and yours!

Friday, November 7, 2008

We have new "family members"!

My children have each picked a child to sponsor through Compassion International. They are so excited to begin corresponding with them. In a couple of weeks we should receive our packets on each child!

I regularly read a most WONDERFUL blog: This past week Ree's (Pioneer Woman)husband and two girls went to the Dominican Republic with Compassion International. He has been emailing reports and photos of their trip, which Ree has posted on her blog. We've been so moved by the posts that Mark and I decided to let the children each pick a child to sponsor so that they could take part in sharing the tangible LOVE of CHRIST to touch others far far away. The difference this small donation makes in these children's lives is amazing. Their parents, if they are even employed (many are not) only make a little over $100 per month. They live in terrible conditions, yet those with faith still have JOY and GRATEFULNESS, despite their circumstances. A lesson for EACH ONE OF US!

I think throughout the years my children will learn a lot and get a lot of joy out of knowing they are helping someone else to have a better life and a hope for the future. Maybe someday we will take a trip to the Dominican Republic so the kids can meet their "brother" and "sister".