Monday, June 14, 2010

Azriel May 2010

Az on the "swing of death", as they so fondly call it.

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Liberty May 2010

Libby showing off one of a multitude of her oh so serious owies.
Condi, Libby, & Grandma E. I think it was a yard clean up day. Libby is checking out her bandaids. I think we've gone through a couple boxes in the last month JUST for Libby.
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Avigail May 2010

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Bunny Love

Avi's cap is one that Granner Selbia gave to me. I don't know how old it is, but it's certainly beautiful, especially on Avigail. :-)

Avigail, Skipper, & Liberty.
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Random May pics

The kids all waiting to give Papa their eggs for our "egg drop" experiment.

Libby doing a table top performance for us.
A picture of a picture of Mark & Az attending a tea party.
My weight loss progress after around 40 pounds lost. I've since lost around 10 more. I'm halfway to my goal now.
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Egg Drop

We did a little experiment with eggs, tape, straws, & boxes! The kids wrapped up their eggs in straws and tape and put them in boxes. Mark dropped them from the roof onto the kid drawn targets below. Nobody's eggs broke! I think less padding to work with would have been more challenging! It was lots of fun though. This was in May 2010. I'm backtracking quite a bit here...but I'll catch up to the current date soon enough.

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Lego Tower on the Table

I haven't posted any photos in a while and mostly it's because I'd lost my cable to download photos onto my computer. I then used my new printer to download them with it's card reader but had issues getting them into Picassa. Oh the trials and travails of NOT being gifted or overly familiar with computers and other electronic equipment! I have my routines, the ones I KNOW. Anything else is a whole new learning curve and frankly, I'm too busy for all that! Anyhow, these photos are from April 29th!

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