Friday, August 20, 2010

TRIPLE Pine Lodge

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The Lodge

This was the slider into the bedroom that Mark, Libby, Esther and I shared!
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Triple Pines Lodge


The morning of the ash spreading...trying to get some food so we can head out on our little hike to Hidden Lake.

The grounds of the lodge. Lots of neat rockwork.

Shane in the kitchen window of the lodge.
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August 9th, 2010

Here's an old newspaper clipping that Gran had saved. Pa had worked most of his career at Hanford in addition to raising cattle & taking care of his farm.

My lovely sister-in-law, Briana, in the forground on this one.

My cousins and their spouses. Tracy on the floor and Teri standing behind the couch.
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Memorial Trip

Cousins, Siblings, and our Families gathered together for a couple days to spread our grandparent's ashes and to go through photos, memorabilia, and to talk about our fond memories.

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Ash Spreading Memorial

These photos contain me, my siblings, and my cousins, along with our families. We met in a beautiful lodge by Lake Wenatchee from August 9th thru the 11th for the purpose of spreading our Grandparent's ashes, according to their wishes.
My brother, Shane, went a day ahead and hiked up & scoped out a beautiful and perfect spot for the "ceremony". We spent the first evening, as depicted in these here photos, going over some old photographs and memorabilia that my sister, DeAnn had brought and organized. We were able to take home some of the photos and items that held a special place for each of us.
Also we were given discs with everything scanned so that we'd all have a digital copy of the photos and documents (thanks to my Dad, Ron, for scanning everything!). It was a really wonderful reunion and memorial. I think Gran and Pa would have been very pleased. This was the first time us cousins had been all together in one place since we were in our youth.
Esther (my youngest), me, Dee, & Teri.
Shane, Dee, Me, Tracy, & Teri.
DeAnn, seated on floor, Me on the couch, Tracy on the floor, Teri on the couch, and Dara (Tracy's wife, standing)
My brother, Shane!
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