Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We're in the process of moving...

So, I've been a bit quiet here lately. I will post some fun pictures soon but I'm trying to pack in my spare moments and get utilities set up etc. I just thought I'd stop in and say, "HI, we haven't dropped off the face of the planet!". I forgot how much work this moving business was! I think we've set up some help to move this weekend. So hopefully we can get it all done. The NEXT weekend my Mom and Dad are coming out to help with the rental and get it ready to hand back over to my cousin. There's lots to do here with painting some walls, fixing a couple holes...and the list goes on. I want to give it back in as good or better condition than we got it in. Anyhow, our love to you all and stay tuned for the next update on the move...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm more feeble minded than I thought I was!

Anyhow, I was just reading over my posts for the last couple of days and noticed that I posted just last night with lots of the SAME info I posted tonight! I don't even REMEMBER posting anything last night. Oh my goodness. Will the madness never end??? I'm having early memory loss. How sad...

Liberty Pics from today!




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Don't Miss Out!

I have LOTS of pics and such posted so make sure you go back a page or two after this first one so that you don't miss anything. I guess I'm trying to make up for the days I didn't post anything. It's fun to post the little videos taken with the camera but it's too bad we don't have anything that records the sound as well. For now these will have to do. Maybe next year we can buy a snazzy new camera and video device that will include sound. My love and OUR love to the friends and family that may be reading this. Liberty is now asleep for the night in my lap and I need to put her in her bed. We've just started packing up the house for our impending move. We should have the keys and be totally closed on the 25th of this month. YAY!!! Nighty Night!

Pics from today!




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Do you know what show this is from???

This is something we rented from the library today. If you know the name of the show or have a guess at what it is PLEASE POST A COMMENT. You may just win a prize for a correct guess! Ha ha!!!

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Avi is wearing the little outfit my mom bought for her...it's all horsies and she LOVES it! A nice oufit for these cooler days that are going to start coming too soon.



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Blowing out the big FOUR!

Avi's Birthday...some pics




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Today was Avi's 4th Birthday

Well, for a month we have two 4 year olds in the house. Avi is now FOUR years old!!! Az is still four until Oct. 17th so there you have it! It was a fun and busy day. We did her birthday presents in the fashion of Christmas where they were all laid out the night before and she opened them bright and early while still dressed in her brother's Batman Jammies! She LOVED all her presents, especially the Dorothy doll from the Wizard of Oz. I don't know how long she'll last before Condi eats her. We shall all meet some sort of end someday and the toys in our house usually end with Condi. It's the kids' responsibility to keep them put away or at least off the floor otherwise I can't guarantee their safety. Anyhow, after presents we rushed to get dressed and out of the house before 9AM to pick up my Great Aunt Adele and head to the Hampton Inn in Richland to meet with Polly and Mary Jane who had spent the night. The kids and Mark got to go swimming for about an hour in the pool there while Liberty and I visited with Polly, Mary Jane and Adele in the hotel suite. Speaking of the merry party, they were all over for dinner on Sat. night. I made some marinated steak, baked potatoes, corn, and a nummy salad. It was good food and GREAT company. I was so delighted to have Polly and Mary Jane come to visit from the Seattle area. Polly is a woman who is kind of like another Grandmother to me and she's known my mother since before I was born. A LOVELY woman! Mary Jane is her neice and she is delightful and always FUN to have around. The kids just LOVE her!!! Anyhow, it was a fun time and I'm glad they came to visit us here in the tri-cities.

Back to today...after the hotel visit we said our farewells and they went on their way and we went on ours. Ours was to run by our new house and take a look. The guy replaced the bedroom window that needed to be replaced and it's all ready for us to take possession when it closes in a couple weeks (actually LESS than two weeks). We are all pretty excited. After we did that we came home to lunch and then Avi and I went out for some "girl" time and to get her a cake. I didn't make one this year but she had fun picking one out from the bakery, which ended up being delicious! After we returned home we ALL went to the library for our weekly supply of books and other media then went to the park there. We gazed at the fish in their pond for a while then the boys went to the play equipment while the girls and I went to the demonstration gardens before joining them at the playground. All in all a fun time. After we got home we skipped the whole dinner option and just went for the birthday cake and ice cream. Good choice!

Well, I'm posting lots of pics of our day. I am SO SADDENED though by the fact that I didn't get ANY PICTURES of Polly and Mary Jane with the kids or of Polly and Adele together. It's really quite ridiculous because I HAD my camera with me!!! I just totally forgot and was sidetracked with baby care...but still!!! Anyhow, enjoy all the photos. Our love to you all!

Another Video...MUDDY kids!

Here we go again. More action for the blog!


Liberty and her turtle on the floor. She REALLY wants to eat it!


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I feel really badly...

That I haven't updated you all lately! So...Our trip to the OTHER Washington was short and sweet. The children were magnificent on the way over. We only stopped ONCE in the 4 hour drive. Actually, we made the trip in 3.5 hours, which is REALLY good time! Baby Liberty didn't speak a WORD the whole way. I suppose that would be difficult on any account though, being as she doesn't speak yet. What I meant to say was that she was totally silent the whole trip. She slept a lot and when she was awake Az said she was just looking around. Mark took out the headrest on the baby's seat so Az can see her and update me as to her condition. Getting the play by play from him can be rather entertaining. So, we spent Monday afternoon/evening just hanging out at my Mom's house. Az played the whole day with the boy across the street, Leon. He had a blast! Avi hung out in the house playing with all the toy horses upstairs (her favorite things!). When Grandpa Ron got home it was GAME time as far as Az was concerned. He loves to get Grandpa to play some computer games with him and Grandpa always obliges him! I went out to dinner with my longtime friend, Jennifer. I took Liberty with me and she was PERFECT! I just can't get over this baby! I had a really nice time visiting with Jen. It's been so long since I've spent time with any of my friends so it was especially nice. We had dinner at a Greek restaurant and we were even adventurous enough to try out a Greek beer, which was very light and tasty. Tuesday I spent the day with my sister-in-law (I hate typing that out, it seems so silly to say IN-LAW). The children had FUN FUN FUN playing with their cousins and Nani made an awesome grilled salmon dinner (Thanks Nani!!!). I even got to see my brother Shane. I had a really nice day visiting and the kids did too. We went home Wednesday morning. I had an odd bleeding incident Wed. AM that I hope not to repeat. It followed my taking too many aspirins in one day and anyhow...you really don't want to hear the whole story so we'll leave it at that! The drive home was not as pleasant or perfect as the drive over. It's never as much fun to come home as it is to head out on an adventure! Oh..on the way over the children and I talked about all sorts of things and they said some of the cutest things. If only I had a recorder!!! I know this is a huge run on paragraph but I'm on a roll here and can't seem to break it up in a proper way.

Here we go. We'll start a new one!

Today Polly, a wonderful woman who's known me since before I was born and is kind of like another grandmother to me, came over to visit us here in the tri-cities. Her lovely and cheerful niece, MaryJane brought her and we had a very nice dinner at my house and visited all evening. I picked up my great Aunt Adele, who is a longtime friend of Polly's, to join us for the evening. The kids had fun and so did we all. I wish, though, that I was able to talk and visit more but when you're hosting the dinner it seems to be more working than talking involved! Fortunately for me Mark and MaryJane did the dishes. With the dishwasher broken that was sure a blessing to me. I'm getting so tired of doing dishes by hand!

Oh...and this morning, of course, Az had another soccer game. There are only three games left of his season. It's been fun and he's learned a lot and had a good time. I didn't get to stay and enjoy the game today. The girls and I went to the store and did our grocery shopping for the dinner during that time. I missed watching the game but the shopping had to get done, sooner rather than later. When we got home the boys went out and spent some father/son time together. That was good for them. It seems that when there's a new baby in the house that life seems to revolve around the baby quite a bit and Mark was feeling a need to spend some special time with the big boy. Tomorrow I'm going to spend some "girl" time with Avi. Speaking of tomorrow, we're going to the hotel where Polly and Mary Jane are staying to let the kids have a swim. They will LOVE that and it will be nice to spend some more time visiting with Polly and MJ. We'll pick up Adele on the way over so she can go and visit as well. OH...in case you didn't know (and you probably DO) tomorrow is Avi's birthday. She'll be the big FOUR!!! She's pretty excited. I have all her presents out on the table and have it looking all nice so it will be special when she wakes up in the morning. Thanks so much to all of you who sent cards and presents to our little sweetie pie! She is SOOOOO excited for her birthday this year and YOU helped to make it special. We got her the DOROTHY doll from the Wizard of OZ, her favorite movie! She's been wanting that doll for a LONG time. She'll be so excited. It's such a pretty doll and it even includes TOTO in the basket!

So much detail tonight! I'm exhausted! Love, Blessings, and GOOD NIGHT!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby Bouncing!

OK...here we go. I THINK I got it right this time!

video of baby bouncing

I don't know if this will work or not. If not, I will upload the video to PhotoBucket and then to the blog from there.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Longest time...

So, I've gone and done it! I didn't meet my weekly posting goal of ONE post per week. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I am not full of any creative writing juices today so I'll just give you all a basic rundown since the last time I posted.

I'll work backwards since my memory is best for today.

TODAY~Saturday 8th:

We got up early and Az didn't have a fever and was feeling well enough to participate in his soccer game. In quite a harried rush we made it to the field by 8:25am. This is NO SMALL FEAT with so many of us to get ready and eat etc. (read SO MANY THAT MOM HAS TO GET READY)! I always feel very proud of us when we get out early and everyone is dressed and fed! Soccer was fun as usual then we ran by an ACE hardware just to pass the time and look around. That was fun. The things that amuse us when we get older, eh? After ACE we went to get Mark and Az's hair cuts. They came out looking pretty good. The girls and I went to Target across the street to browse for the short while they were getting shorn. After hair cuts we splurged by using our ENTERTAINMENT fund to go out to luch at a restaurant. That was a nice change but the children were very antsy and LOUD so it could have been a more pleasant experience. That said, compared to other kids they were really well behaved. We came home and CLEANED and CLEANED and CLEANED. It seems our big cleaning day is Saturday lately. Not the ideal because we should be enjoying our weekend without all the work to have to do. After cleaning I mowed the lawns and now I sit here taking a break and writing to whomever is reading this boring post. I did get an opportunity while mowing to test my new all NATURAL deodorant...guess what? It actually WORKS!!! I can't believe it. Body odor is pretty offensive to me and I just assumed that any product not loaded with aluminum, or whatever it is that's also dangerous for our health, would not work well. This is a Tom's Of Maine product that uses HOPS, of all things, to inhibit the nasty smells. Perhaps a good splash of beer under our arms daily would also be a good remedy? Seriously though, there's lots of other natural goodness in it as well and I would now highly recommend it after putting it to the test. I've been wearing it all week but today's the first day I've really worked up any sort of sweat. OK...now you know more than you ever wanted to know about my underarm health and hygiene. On to the present...we are awaiting the arrival of my brother and his family. Weather or not they will actually arrive is not known but he said he was coming...so we'll see. The kids are VERY excited.

The next day...NOW it's Sunday night. Shane and family DID show up around 8pm. We enjoyed their visit and the kids had a BLAST! They left around 9:30PM so then we all went to bed. Today was a busy day. Mark was sick with a headache. He and Az stayed home while Avi, the baby, and I did the library run. After that we went to get Avi's hair trimmed up again. It's SO cute. The little A-Line cut is perfect for her. Darling! We went back home and cleaned out the truck. We decided to head to Grandma Trudy's after all. Mark will be out of town for work for a night so we thought we'd have a little adventure, the kids and I. Oh, by the way, the deodorant is NOT as great as I thought. Too good to be true or perhaps I just needed to reapply after a certain time. I might just go back to aluminum. Ok...back to life here...Oh yeah, the truck is clean, we took Condi to the kennel, I've been packing and preparing and all that goes along with going away and it's now MIDNIGHT!!! I guess we should get to bed. I just wanted to finish this as it's been sitting here. I will never make it back to what happenend in the last week and a half so we'll start from this message now and work forward as I am able to make an entry. Heck, I can barely remember what happened YESTERDAY much less a week ago. All the more reason to write in here daily to have a record! Mom will be busy while we are visiting so we won't see much of her but I plan to hang out with my sister-in-law and an old friend or two in our short, unplanned, overnight adventure! Adios for now. I'll take some photos to post of our adventure in a couple days. Blessings and LOVE to anyone reading this scattered posting.