Saturday, April 10, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

Webkinz Easter Baskets

Condi is sad because she didn't get a basket of goodies. Poor gal.

Baskets again and the RESURRECTION eggs that we found after having "lost" them for the last couple of years.
I put modeling clay & tools in their baskets because they're always asking for some so I used this occasion to finally give in to their desires! :-) They made some pretty cool things with it and I hope to see more creations in the days to come.
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Avigail's New Bunny

Avi got her long awaited for, very belated, birthday present today. We went to the rabbit show in Yakima and met with a local breeder there. Avi bought a young Himalayn buck from her named Skipper. He's just over 3 months old now and is so sweet, cute, gentle, and beautiful. Yes, his eyes are red but it's such a pretty red. So the "red eye" fix on the photo editing doesn't do much for his pretty shade of red. It looks kinda funky in the pics because I used the flash. Avi is joining the 4-H group that the breeder runs.
We're pretty excited about this new adventure.

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