Saturday, August 22, 2009

True To Form & Soccer

Avi...being her silly self.

Az in the action!
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Soccer Boy

Mark says Az did AWESOME & he was in every play. He even scored a goal. I didn't get to go today. I stayed home with a sick toddler & even sicker baby. I missed out on the fun for sure. Soccer day is the hilight of the week here!

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Soccer Day ~ Avi

This was the second game of the UPWARD'S soccer season!

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Azriel at his workbench

Mark made Az his own space in the garage, converting an old truck work box thingy (yeah, eloquent, I know!) into a big boy workbench. He also added to his tool cache that Grandpa Ron has also contributed to!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soccer Time!

The front of our little house with Libby and Avi.

Avi's first EVER soccer practice with UPWARD soccer! Games start this Saturday for Az and Avi. We're pretty excited to be a part of UPWARD again. It's such a great organization and we all have so much fun!

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Mama (yikes)...feeling bold enough to share my flawed self all UP CLOSE and personal.
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Our Little Seamstress

Avi cut out and sewed this little shirt for Esther all on her own. I think she did a pretty good job for her first ever designing/sewing job! :-) The fabric is a groovy vintage print I bought a LONG time ago and recently found again!

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Grandmother Maxine

Had a difficult time getting everyone to look. Imagine that!

Grandmother and wee Esther! Grandma is in her jammies because she'd fallen recently and fractured a vertebrate. She's recovering slowly but is in a lot of pain. Mom's been down there for a few weeks helping her out. Thankfully Auntie Lou lives nearby! WE LOVE YOU GRANDMOTHER and were SO VERY BLESSED to have been able to come down and spend some time with you this year! Thank you for being such a wonderful woman of God!
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Trip to Grandma's

The amount of orange in these two pictures is rather disturbing! Anyhow, here's cousin Toby and his boy, Jude. Jude's not wanting to have a picture taken. :-)

Libby, wet as usual.
Auntie Lou and baby Esther.
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Snapshots of Auntie LouLou's Backyard

The shed that Uncle John built!

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Posing at Auntie LouLou's House

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