Sunday, April 17, 2011


OK, so I realize that it has been FAR too long since I've updated my little photo blog. Can we just say that life has been busy? Well, this will by no means catch anyone up since my last post but here it is anyhow! This is Esther, Az, Avi, & Libby at the Library Park. I snapped this cutie just last week on Thursday or Friday when I was brave enough to take them to the library without backup, aka, PAPA! It actually went quite well. After the library they had quite a bit of fun rolling down this little hill and the big kids taught Esther how to roll. Then we strolled over to look at the fish in the pond and then we played a bit more before leaving. The oldest three are all wearing their new hats that we picked up at Basin Dept. Store, along with a couple pair of new jeans for Avi ~~ compliments of Grandpa Dave who gave us a gift certificate...THANKS GRANDPA! We had fun shopping!
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