Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Littlest Stinkers

These pics were just taken this morning, October 31st, while everyone else was still in bed. These are my early risers today!

Esther and Liberty, probably planning some nefarious deed...
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Super Girl and Standing Girl

Esther is now doing the supported stand. Also she crawls all over the place. She's full of personality, just like the rest of them and she's generally really happy! She's a good baby!
Then we have our Super Girl, wearing brother's old PJ top. She's so cute and joyful. Yep, she's SUPER all right!!

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Fall at Home!

I actually decorated for FALL this year!!! It makes me so happy. Last year I didn't for a couple of reasons...I had morning sickness and the Fall decor box was "missing" in our big pile of stuff we'd had to drag up from the basement when we'd had our flood. Well, we got through all the boxes this Summer and I found it! So, here are some glimpses of Fall decorating in our little, cozy home.

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Star Wars Legos UP CLOSE

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Birthday Boy & Legos

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Star Wars Legos & Birthday Boy

Azriel celebrated his 7th birthday on October 17th. I can't believe it's been 7 years already!!! He's such a big boy now. It's true what your parents always told you about time flying faster and faster the older you get. I can't believe how quickly the years pass by. Anyhow, we celebrated with a chocolate cake per Az's request, complete with chocolate frosting and smothered in ganache! It was SUPER YUM and even I had a piece, I just had to count the calories! They were worth it.
Azriel had requested STAR WARS legos and got a huge box of them from Grandpa and Grandma Wheeler and he got some from Grandma Elizabeth too! He was in Star Wars Lego heaven.

We LOVE our big boy. He's such a great son and a wonderful person!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Many Faces of Cuteness

Avi's birthday dog, Bronco. We actually just gave Bronco back to the rescue we got him from. Avi and I were sad to see him go but he was just WAY too destructive and caused MUCH chaos in our home. I didn't have the time to even BEGIN to train him properly. He had many bad habits but he was sweet and cute and I'm sure he'll find another home that he'll fit into perfectly. Avi has been promised a Bunny in Spring. Mark is going to work on building a hutch for the outdoors.

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Esther Grace

These are of our littlest cutie, Esther, taken Oct. '09 when she was around 6mo. + a week or so! She's SO SO VERY close to being a crawler! Any day now.

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Baby in Bunting & a Good Sport

Esther all bundled and getting irritated with the cold, I think. This was just before I decided to head for the warm car with her!

Avi in the game! The photo below you can just see her pink sweats! :-) I think she's glad soccer season is over. She had determined early on that it wasn't for her but now she's talking about playing again next year. She was a really good sport and followed through the whole season. We were very proud of her!
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