Friday, June 13, 2008

A quick "goings on" post

First off, my apologies to all who check this that I haven't updated more regularly!

With the nicer weather that Spring and Summer have brought we've been out and about a lot more than normal lately. For some reason we've also been more tired at night than usual, which is usually when I find time to post here. Right now it's 3PM and the kids are all otherwise engaged so it is safe to post a little somethin' somethin'!

I forgot to mention earlier that we not only have a new member by the name of JACK (our wee kitten) but a couple months prior we also "adopted" a guinea pig into our family. He's one of those rough coated ones so he's extra cute. The kids named him Thunder. He lives in their room and has been doing very well. I think that I like him more than the kids do but that's OK. I'll have to post some photos of young Thunder soon. I'm SURE you're just dying to see him! :-)

Jack is doing well although we've thought we'd lost him on a couple of occasions. Both times we ended up finding him in the green craft cupboard. The first time I locked him in, no knowing he was in there snoozing. Yesterday's incident involved a little blonde girl of 4 and a half years who purposely locked him in there and then "forgot" about him. Seems our combing the neighborhood didn't jog her memory. We were not happy and neither was Jack when we found him. I think that will not be happening again.

Liberty is walking around quite well now and is becoming quick as lightning (although THUNDER might give her a run for the money! ha ha).

My monitor is on the blink, literally. Light source is going out and I'm lucky when I get a lit screen for a minute so I get in as much typing as I can. We found a cheap new one so we ordered it. Should arrive by next Wednesday which will be such a blessing after a week of this nearly dead monitor!

Azriel and Avigail are doing well. We went over to our friends this morning for a Bible study on one of the 10 Commandments. Appropriately today's was HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER... YES, VERY appropriate. With Father's Day in a couple days we did a craft of Father's Day cards. There was plenty of feathers, glitter, sequins, googly eyes, and glue in the air and on the floor. A lovely, messy craft and all the kids had big fun. I'm sure Papa will appreciate creative works of art the kids accomplished for him!

Speaking of Father's Day, we don't have anything officially planned as yet. Mark wants to just hang out at home working on projects. Maybe I'll take out some of our Thundering Hooves Rib Steaks and cook a special dinner of Steak and Corn on the Cob with a fresh salad consisting of greens from the CSA we belong to. I have so many greens right now it's just crazy. Enough for 2 salads a day practically! We might go on another little local hike. Last time I forgot my camera so I'm waiting on pics from my friend then I'll post them. It was a lot of fun and only a few minutes drive to get there. What a bonus considering the CRAZY price of gas.

All in all we're doing VERY well here. Happy, Healthy, and working on WISE (always). I've started a new hobby: culturing and fermenting. Ha ha. I have a few experiments on my counter and I've been enjoying the end results. Been making my own Kefir from raw milk for some time now and drink that daily in my green smoothie. I just started making Kombucha Tea and am on my third batch/brew. It is surprisingly WONDERFUL to drink. NOt only the health benefits it provides, but the taste is really quite good. I ENJOY it. I think I might be able to get Mark to drink some if he can get over the slime...which I strain out and which is actually just dead yeast cell strands, full of B vitamins. I think he thinks I'm pretty funny with all my "experiments" gracing our pantry and kitchen countertop. There are lots of other things I'd like to try as well but I'm sticking to these two for today. :-)

Well, I suppose I should sign off for now. I really need to pick up the house and plan dinner. I'm thinking a butterflied chicken on the grill sounds tasty. I bought a bunch of new marinades so I think I'll try one tonight. Sorry I don't have pics today. I will soon. LOVE to you all,



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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random shots of cuteness & yuck

All the above was CUTENESS. Below these words you have the YUCK. This is the pond in our backyard. I was going to be rebuilding it this year until some AC problems in BOTH the house and Suburban took financial priority. When you have sustained temperatures above 90 deg. F. for weeks on end, airconditioning definitely takes priority over backyard beauty. I wish it were not so! Anyhow, since I have to wait until NEXT Spring to rebuild this cesspool (well, it's not quite THAT bad) I decided I'd just overplant it and build some sort of external filter out of a barrel liner I have. I THINK that I can keep it healthy enough for the fish that way but certainly won't have any dramatic falls! So, I can make do for now. Next Spring I'm going to put in a Savio full sized skimmer with UV, a filter falls or bog falls of sort with a nice flow rate for lots of waterfall noise and splash! We'll also be replacing the liner so all the rockwork will have to be redone (yay!). Anyhow, I am excited now for next Spring and happy that I can make do with things the way they are for the time being.
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What ARE these flowers?

I'm guessing some sort of Hollyhock??? I should look them up. The leaves and plant are like a hollyhock but I'm not sure about the flower. Not the typical hollyhock flower. I could be wrong. I'm going to research it and I'll let you know unless, of course, you let me know first!
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Silliness Grabbed Hold...and wouldn't let go!

I knew it wouldn't be long before they couldn't help themselves. I love it when they act silly together!

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My Boy & Girl

Sweet Azriel. He's getting so tall and mature. Can that happen so early???
Ahhhhh...showin' the sibling love! Aren't they so cute?! I wonder if Avi will be as tall in a year (as Az is now)? I love watching them grow and change but yet, a part of me wants them to stay little.
Starting to get silly...can you see it on Avi's face? I can't get them to be serious for too long. That would be asking far too much!
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Where is the newest family member?

Is He Here? I see eyeballs...


Definitely NOT here. he is. Jack, our newest member.
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