Monday, January 11, 2010

Azriel's Songs

Azriel is always singing beautiful songs to the Lord. He makes them up as he goes. Just now he asked me to write down a couple of songs. Here they are:


Jesus I know that you paid for our sins and you will protect us
And we shall not be afraid.
So just help me, Lord.
So just help me, Lord.
I need your help in my life.
There are things that I can't handle
But you can lead me to the right path.
Lord God I just believe in you deep down in my heart.
You will lead me to the right path
And you will walk down it with me.
There are hills that I cannot climb.
There is terrain that I can't walk on
But you can carry me.
So just help me, Lord.
So just help me, Lord.


In my heart I believe that God will help me go on the right path.
Because I want to be with God.
It's just in my heart
And I know that someday everyone will bow down to God.
So I just want to believe in God
Because I know He'll lead me to the path that's right.
I know that He loves me
And He loves every single person in the world.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Felted Pumpkins

Avi's first felting project. She did this little pumpkin with very little help from me.
Another view of Avi's pumpkin.
My two pumpkins. I got some new wool in the mail yesterday that was all sorts of oranges, reds, yellows, and greens. Couldn't WAIT to felt up some little pumpkins with it. So, I didn't!
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Talent Show @ CHECK

Az was up on stage in these photos for a little play he was in with his drama class. They were the only two photos I got that were worth posting. He was also up on stage with his Spanish class singing and signing some songs in Spanish and ASL.
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Random In House Photos

Esther waving at the window. She likes to wave now and shake her head back and forth to "NO NO NO". Still not walking but getting close!

Our new little space for eating, crafts, reading, game playing, or whatever suits our fancy! We bought this little counter height table last week and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's sitting in our computer room right where the changing table used to be. It has proven to add a whole new level of functionality to our home in so many ways! I should not leave out the fact that it also adds a comfy, cozy feel to a room that used to just be a "walk thru" or cluttered with bins of various things that were in transit to the basement.
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at Gramma Elizabeth's Home

The girls working on the fruit.
Everyone but the Mama. I had to take the pictures! I PREFER to be the one taking them! ;-)

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New Year's Day!

Az, being Oh SO festive.

Happy New Year Mama

Happy New Year Gramma "E"

Libby arranging the fruit at Gramma Elizabeth's home, where we had a belated Christmas party...or shall I just call it a NEW YEAR'S DAY party?!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010 !!!

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Liberty New Year's Day 2010

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Felted Things & Lap Gun

a shot of some of my felted things, some in progress. Below is a photo of the mini trebuchet or "lap gun", as Azriel calls it, that he and Mark built. It's pretty cool and shoots very accurately across the room! Many a pieces of candy were flung (some at me) with this over the holidays!
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Needle Felting

My Froggy Prince! Look at his cute little froggy bottom! Ha-ha. He's my largest project thus far and he was the 3rd one I did. I think if I did him again that I'd felt him over an armature so he'd be poseable.
My first project was the little duck on the left. I ordered a kit with instructions for him so I could see if this was a craft suited to me! It was!!!
Here's my second project, the little snowman. He was super quick and easy and I think I'll make lots of snowguys for Christmas next year. To the right is the base of the lamb I made for my mother. I felted it over a wire armature that I twisted together. Later in the blog are pictures of the finished project!
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Did I post these before?

Not sure if these, or some like them, have been posted but they're cute enough to go up twice anyhow. One of Esther's favorite things to do is to sit with Avi on her bed and look out the windows. Avi is such a good big sister!

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Needle Felted Dove

I made this little wool dove over the past couple of days. Probably only spent 3 hrs or so on it in total, though I don't really keep track. It's very simple. Not sure about the feet. I'm working on variations of those or maybe he'll have none at all. I felted his eyes, as the glass eyes I ordered have not yet arrived. He's about 3.5 inches tall and about 7 inches long. He's simply done, without a lot of detail but he's very firmly felted. A sturdy little bird! :-)

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Christmas Toys, Oh the Joys

Libby and Esther spreading the toy joy around the living room and making "lunch" together.

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