Monday, January 11, 2010

Azriel's Songs

Azriel is always singing beautiful songs to the Lord. He makes them up as he goes. Just now he asked me to write down a couple of songs. Here they are:


Jesus I know that you paid for our sins and you will protect us
And we shall not be afraid.
So just help me, Lord.
So just help me, Lord.
I need your help in my life.
There are things that I can't handle
But you can lead me to the right path.
Lord God I just believe in you deep down in my heart.
You will lead me to the right path
And you will walk down it with me.
There are hills that I cannot climb.
There is terrain that I can't walk on
But you can carry me.
So just help me, Lord.
So just help me, Lord.


In my heart I believe that God will help me go on the right path.
Because I want to be with God.
It's just in my heart
And I know that someday everyone will bow down to God.
So I just want to believe in God
Because I know He'll lead me to the path that's right.
I know that He loves me
And He loves every single person in the world.


  1. Those left me teary-eyed and goosebumpy. You have quite a psalmist in your midst.

  2. I think it's obvious that all that Bible reading Mark's been doing with Azriel is truly sinking in! :-)