Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Howard Amon Park with Friends

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Park Pics from May 14th!

Riding the Sturgeon. Avi is second from the front.
Avi, Az, and little Zeke on the big equipment above.
Az and Kaarsten peering down the tube slide. Not sure why but I'm sure they were up to some game with the other kids.
More Sturgeon Riders!
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The woodchip saga from finish to start.

As with all of my little photo stories this, too, begins at the end and ends at the beginning. Enjoy~!

Elisha moves on to greener pastures after he's decided he has enough woodchips on his person.
Liberty, not one to be left alone, crawls after him. Now, Miss Liberty CAN walk but I don't think her walking skills are quite up to the woodchip lot. However, can you imagine how difficult it would be to CRAWL through the woodchips in a dress? Hmmmm. Imagine a buch of adult women doing this. OK, don't. It's just ridiculous. It's late and I'm tired so I'M imagining weird things. YOU don't have to.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Aren't they just TOO cute?

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Woody Woodchips

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Woodchip Madness

My girls.
Liberty and her little boyfriend, Elisha. They played together in the woodchips for quite a while. At first it was just looking at the woodchips and at each other. Then picking it up and looking at it. It quickly progressed to throwing it in the air, then throwing it on themselves and each other, then Liberty decided to help Elisha cover himself in the lovely woodchips. They had big fun in a little kid kinda way! They were so cute I had to post lots of pictures! Hope you enjoyed them.

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Howard Amon Park Pics

Miss Liberty wearing a little dress. She originally had on blue jeans which would have been much more appropriate for crawling around at the park but we ended up having to do a quick change due to diaper leakage and the dress was all that I had in the car! Cute for sure, but not the best park attire!
Avi, Az, and their friends. What are these children plotting?
All the kids waving.
My two little darling girls.
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Kids at the park today

Avi with my tortilla chips (darn her...she was feeding them to the seagulls!) and Willard (one of the McCall boys).
Az and his wooden gun on the rocks. We were actually approached by a mother who asked us to PLEASE put away our guns because it was a bad influence on her son who was now pretending to shoot people because of OUR kids. Hmmmm. I did oblige, even though I thought her request was a bit ridiculous. Oh, and she told us lots of offended mothers left the park because of all of our kids and their toy guns. We figured, OH WELL...the park was overcrowded when we arrived anyhow.
Avi and Zeke .
Miss Avi and the gulls
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