Friday, July 6, 2012

Lewis and Clark Trail State Park

Avigail, Esther, and I went for a little walk.  The walk took us across Highway 12 to the day use area of Lewis and Clark Trail State Park.  Adjoining the day use area was a fenced pasture with 4 lovely horses.  The white one let the girls pet her and feed her grass.  The girl were thrilled with their horse encounter.  Avi would have stayed all day...

 The old bathrooms, built in the 30s all of river rock.  Pretty cool!

 Trying to coax the horse into coming back....
 It didn't work.
 The surrounding terrain.
 Walking the park grounds.

 Avi's photo of the tree and hillside.
Esther was tired so we were waiting for Mark, Azriel, and Libby to come and pick us up in the Suburban.

Our First (with all 4 kids) Family Camping Trip!!!

Going Camping!!!

On the hiking trail at Lewis and Clark Trail State Park...

Our first glimpse of the Touchet river.

Archway of branches.

Trailer camping 101, our first time out!

The Touchet river.

Avi in the Touchet river.

Avi really IN the Touchet river.

Hanging out around the fire.

Esther is always busy... practicing casting with her little fishing pole in the background.