Thursday, December 17, 2009

First & Last of Thanksgiving '09 photos

Linked Up
Avi playing Age of Empires or something of that nature.
Jonah, Cyril, and Azriel ~ COUSINS
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Mom & Dad & Kids

My Mom and Dad
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Thanksgiving Shots

My Mommy & My Brother Shane

The table all set for the adults and the KID TABLES below!

All linked up and ready to eat!
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Esther, getting into things.
Shane, toasting the camera methinks.
Courtney and Nani
Kateri & Libby doing artwork
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Kid Shots ~ Thanksgiving

Pippin (Cyprian, my nephew) & Libby in the garage, which was set up for kid fun. They had several computers linked up for the kids to play games on and there were scooters and bikes out there as well as the children's dining tables so that the adults could have the dining room all to themselves.
Audrey, Kateri, & Hannah
Courtney & Esther
POKER FACES ~ Liberty, Kateri, & Elijah
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Cameron & Marin
Dee & David
Blue Steel
Random people & food pic (Cameron, Marin, Dee, David, Shane)
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Thanksgiving 2009

Kateri & Liberty
Marin (my brother Cameron's gf), My sister Dee, & my sister Courtney
Briana (SIL)
Left to Rt. (BIL) David, Dad, (brother) Shane
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Shane's House

Briana (my lovely SIL) and my Dad
Kateri (my niece) with Esther
Briana and my Marky Mark

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Shane & Briana's place

Esther playing on the floor at my brother's house. November 2009

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