Saturday, January 1, 2011

Visit to Grandmother's House

My cousin, Toby, with an unhappy Esther

Grandmother and the big kids.

Grandmother with the oldest three. Esther wasn't having any part of pictures that day!

Azriel with his 3rd Cousin, Jude (Toby's boy!)
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Grandma's 9-3-2010

On the back patio where lots of fun memories have been made over time!
Libby, my Auntie LouLou, and my sister Courtney!

Cousin Toby's Squatch Mobile

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Grandma Maxine's

Avi and her 3rd cousin

Grandmother Maxine.
I love you Grandma!!!
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Good Bye Newport...

So, as the blog goes backwards in time, I'm starting out with the last day of our Coast visit! We had a blast! Enjoy the photos!
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There were whales just out there. It was pretty cool. They were quite close though I don't think I actually was able to catch one spouting in any of my photos. It was a joy to watch them though!

These were some pretty cool birds. I asked the naturalist there what they were and I've forgotten! :-(

My sister, Courtney, and the kids.
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Esther on Light House grounds.

Beautiful prospect...

Courtney with all my kiddos!
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Sunset & Bedtime

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Sunset at the Beach Cottage

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Outside the Cottage

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Inside the Cottage

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My Boy, Azriel

My big girl, Avigail

Little Liberty
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