Saturday, February 25, 2012

Avi having a breakfast date with Papa!

We started a new reward program in our house.  I had gotten these certificates for Denny's (yes, Denny's!) and we have one for each child.  We gave each child a 7 day challenge based on their individual issues.  Avi's was no whining.  No whining for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!!!  She made it!  Well, there were two days where she did whine, but she was able to STOP her whining,which she'd previously said was impossible, and change her behavior!  I think this has been a wonderful little lesson in behavior modification for her.  She now KNOWS that she can STOP they cycle of whining before it consumes her.  ;-)  She had a wonderful breakfast with Mark followed by some shopping. She had a great time and I'm thrilled with the results of our little experiment.  Now if Libby can stay in her own bed without seeking me out in the night for 7 whole days, she gets a Papa date too.  Az, well, he has to quit whining...  LOL!  He CAN do it and I think that since he had to stay behind today while Avi got her special time that he has a new resolve to be successful in keeping a positive, non whining attitude!
Libby has one night under her belt.  She keeps having to start over but maybe, just maybe, THIS will be her winning week!!!

And to sweeten the pot...I have NEW rewards for new challenges. Got some great deals on BOWLING.  Papa dates for bowling should encourage some positive behavior changes!!!  :-)