Sunday, March 30, 2014

The "Magic" Number

It's been AGES, I know.  So much for my good intentions.  Life has been busy and full of obligations, business, and laziness.  Ha!

ESTHER turned 5!  I can't believe that my youngest is 5 already.  For some reason I thought it was going to be the magic number and my life would be so much easier once she reached that age.  I had been so looking forward to her turning 5 but as it began to approach I could tell that it was not my lucky number.  Maybe 6 will do the trick.  She is delightful and BUSY and fearless.  Interesting combination that I'm sure will serve her well when she's an adult.  It comes in handy that she's also adorable.

Everyone is doing very well.  Mark is still asymptomatic, for those wondering.  He goes weekly to the Healing Rooms and we are now attending church regularly at Columbia Foursquare.  I'm still involved with MOPS and I'm leading a Daniel Plan Bible study with a group of friends.  

Ooooops, TIME FOR BED!  Mark just informed me.  I will catch you all up, if that's even possible, another day.  Enjoy the pics of E on her special day!

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